TUNES // Tancred – Pretty Girls

What feels worse: screaming over and over – “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” without ever getting an answer –

Or admitting that you already know the answer

And it’s “nothing.”

I’m not really sure, and neither is Jess Abbot, the snarling force behind Tancred.


Abbot, also the former guitarist of Now, Now, has a knack for creating tense, sweet melodies and writing clever lines about being young and dysfunctional. A few favorites:

“It’s crazy how stable I am” (Pens)

“I wanna kill myself inside of your mouth” (The Glow)

“Other girls are pretty, some are even witty. But can they kill like me?” (Pretty Girls)

“I’ve got an end-game job if I need it.” (Swimming)

Buy Tancred’s newest album, Out of The Garden, here. Listen to the newest single, Birthday Candles, here. Keep a lookout for more music from Tancred this year!


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