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Mi Tierra

by Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes

The elements are within her
Earth colored skin
Wind swept hair
Watery eyes
And fiery tongue
Which runs wild
Burning those who get too close
And bringing storms
Tidal waves of emotions
Crashing only to the surface
But slowly seeping to the
“Core, cora, corazon”*
which hold the vida
within her viento…
dropping four tears of elementary colors
watering the land
which she is.

*excerpt from a poem by Arnoldo “Zeta” Vargas


This poem is from a book called Ten Fe by Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes that I got at a meeting for of the Los Angeles chapter of the feminist contingent of The Freedom Socialist Party. Each poem is printed in both Spanish and English. I’m not as involved with the group as I used to be, but whenever I read these poems I’m reminded of the necessity of intercultural art, politics, and activism. I’m also just reminded of how beautiful the Spanish language is.

Mascarada is Shawn Grindle and Leana Courtney, who crossed paths while working at a piano bar. The duo soon sparked up an artistic relationship, as well as a romantic one, and soon thereafter Mascarada was born. The initial idea for the project began as they were driving along the I-10 from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Both stemming from completely different backgrounds, they started talking about making a record.  The phrase “Latin Psych Rock” was thrown around. They liked it. 

Mascarada played their first show at Hotel Cafe last week, and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Their energy and presence is infectious. Look for a debut LP coming soon. 


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