ICYMI TUNES // The Muffs – Honeymoon

by Colleen

I’ve been to a good amount of concerts. I used to count and track them all, but I’m probably in the 500s. I remember thinking to myself though, when I first saw The Muffs in 2015, “Damn. I think this is the first actual rock show I’ve ever seen.”

Kim Shattuck, Roy McDonald and Ronnie Barnett all own the stage as seasoned pros who still give no fucks about what people think of them. Having formed in the early ’90s, the band’s sound holds up, especially with today’s resurgence of ’90s alternative-esque punk rock. In 1997 The Muffs released its third album, Happy Birthday To Me, which includes the track “Honeymoon.”

The song’s brightness highlights that feeling of being enamored. You can hear the surges of dopamine and adrenaline that come up while being in love or having a crush. The lyrics, while succinct, take you from that high in the heart to the inevitable low in the mind, where you know it’s not going to work and may very well bring you to your demise. But even if that story resonates with you, the track leaves you with matter-of-fact sensibilities that say “don’t worry, you got this.” At least, let’s hope so.

The Muffs latest release, 2014’s Whoop Dee Doo is available on Burger Records. Buy the digital version here and keep your eyes on tour dates on Facebook.


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