TUNES // Ben’s Incessantly Streamed Tracks of 2016: #16 It’s Strange (feat. K.Flay) — Louis The Child

It’s the perfect amount of chilly in my car. All night it’s been pouring and the roads are covered in a mottled gleam of headlights. My rear view mirror dances with colorful reflections.


It’s therapeutic leaving one place to visit another; that refreshing air of mystery and excitement that surfaces with valediction. Certain responsibilities vanish and with a new destination set, the mind is offered the chance to romp in a mountain range of rumination. Here old ideas mingle with fresh new perspectives; among the fog there’s an intense desire to have goals realized and a budding sense of hope in new endeavors that await you on the other side. Floating in a buzz of autonomy, there’s a flexible quality to ones’ personal worldview, a loosening of tightly bound ideas into a relaxed state so they can be molded into a new shape. It’s a kind of euphoria in an endless drop of possibilities.

Louis The Child is one of those DJ duos that continues to pleasantly surprise with both catchy and subtle track production albeit occasionally vacuous lyrical content. Back in late March they released their first official EP Love is Alive. Also, be sure to check out K.Flay’s latest album Every Where Is Some Where which dropped at the beginning of April. 


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