ALBUMS // Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This

Words by Andrew Bundy

I was introduced to Diet Cig when a friend sent me a link to their video for Scene Sick. I can’t remember relating so instantly to a band’s style, spunk, and ethos more. The visuals and the lyrics perfectly captured that feeling of isolation one with severe depression can experience around unfortunate, untimely positivism. Yet, the song also somehow remedied that feeling of seclusion by dancing irresistibly right in sadness’ face. 

The video expresses what raw loneliness turns into when standing (or sitting, eating a bowl of cereal) next to a person you have deep feelings for who doesn’t feel the same. 

You were, of course, friends first. And, they assure you, you still are. You know they care about you. You feel guilty about wanting something more from them. So you turtle up, hide your shame, speak less around them, bottle your care entirely. They combat this by always trying to cheer you up, slapping your arm, telling you it’s going to be all right. You hate that you feel they should know why this doesn’t help.

 But they just want you to stop moping and dance. And you know that they’re right.

 There are times when you’re surrounded by people who dance happily, obliviously, next to you. Sometimes with someone you care for. Meanwhile, your feet won’t move, they can’t. Your body feels too cutoff and alone, watching that person twirl in ecstasy, not needing you. You watch and you worry you may never be able to feel the way you once did for them ever again. Then they open their mouth and smile at you again at just the right moment. That smile brings your feelings right back.

 Diet Cig is like a perfectly timed smile from someone you love. Their music brings me back from the depths of depressed, eat-cereal-as-a-meal mode. Despite their ability to dive right into angst ridden depths, you’ll never feel down after listening to them.

Alex sings about heartache and the little longings of life with a glorious energy – one that reminds you it’s okay to feel these silly sad feelings you’ve had and still have. Noah’s drum beats compliment her positivity wonderfully without upstaging it.

 I’ve recently fallen in love with perfectly matched two-piece acts like Diet Cig. These two beacons just seem meant to make magic together – their personality shines bright, intimately unafraid and inspiring. 

 Their debut record, Swear I’m Good At This, was just released. It further proves how marvelously Alex and Noah are able to spin the worst situations, such as sleeping with someone and moaning your own name, or wondering why you’re the only one who seems to feel all alone in a city of over three million people, and find a positive way of looking at them. Their music shines a light over the worst situations we all fear, the kind I reflect upon daily – even though I know I really shouldn’t. 

 Not when we have bands like Diet Cig to hop along, sing and dance to.


Buy music here. Tour dates here. For LA peeps, the duo have a show at The Echo on Fri. May 5, followed by an intimate performance at Junior High on Sunday, May 7!


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