TUNES // Tei Shi – Keep Running

this one’s for the day when all you have left of a thing is the memory of how sad you were when it ended.

when you can’t remember what the sadness was like, just how much of it there was.

combing through bank statements for tax deductions and whole months are just lines of liquor store charges and checks to your therapist and you wonder what you talked about for that many dollars.

people will tell you that this is what’s meant by time heals all wounds.

time is so sad.

Tei Shi‘s long awaited first full length album, Crawl Space, is out now on Interscope. The record sees NY-via-Argentina moody popstress get nostalgic in bittersweet songs about love, lust, and growing up. She’s also fully embraced the 80s aesthetic sampled in earlier projects, which adds to a sense of revisiting the past.

But maybe my favorite parts of the album are the interstitials in which a little girl (that I fervently hope is a young Tei Shi) records confessionals into her tape recorder. It toes the line between absurdity and relatability so masterfully that it almost can’t be real.

“I’m a bad singer. Can’t do anything well. I think I sing so great. But I really never do anything right. I just hope one day –

– I can be like Britney Spears.”

Buy the record here. Tour dates here.


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