TUNES // Ben’s Incessantly Streamed Tracks: #17 The Ghosts of Beverly Drive (Tycho Remix)— Death Cab for Cutie

Photo and words by Ben Montemayor

I don’t know why, I don’t know why / I return to the scenes of these crimes

Sometimes the mind’s inability to resolve a longstanding issue is baffling. You know the feeling: you’re making a cup of coffee/standing in the shower/starting your car/brushing your teeth and suddenly your mind decides it’s imperative to initiate an inner dialogue about some fragment from the past. It’s part of the human condition that despite our methods of coping with suffering, time is still the only ingredient that allows such mechanisms to mend a wound you thought irreparable. You might find yourself involuntarily revisiting a memory countless times before coming to any truthful realization. Often those self-reflective interactions only produce remedy when you’re willing to refrain from repeatedly assigning fault, to yourself and others. Blame primarily builds walls you’ll have to scale again in seeking any sort of forgiveness. And loneliness can be attractive; pessimism fuel for a journey through a self-righteous landscape of unwarranted pity.

So let us not be lonesome / Lost in between our needs and wants

Check out Tycho’s Grammy nominated record Epoch and buy tickets to their current North American and European Tour at  The ISO50 Blog is also worth a look! Death Cab for Cutie’s last release Kintsugi and tickets for select shows are available at


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