TUNES // Superorganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D.

twenty six

i just want a job where i can buy whiskey from the middle shelf.
months measured in parking passes and days without a cigarette.

i stopped shaving my armpits for three weeks because i got stoned one night and was
suddenly very terrified of dying
without ever knowing how truly weird and hairy my body can get.

anyway my therapist has never once used the word “crutch”
which i think is awfully professional of her.

I know almost nothing about Superorganism except that I’ve been playing this song endlessly. Their bio says: “We are Superorganism. We are in Maine/London. We are DIY. We are eight and multiplying. We have become sentient” which is kind of all you need to know I guess.

UPDATE 9/6/17: Post updated for the official single release and unveiling of this trippy af vid. ALSO TOUR DATES including one LA show.


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