TUNES // Ben’s Incessantly Streamed Tracks of 2016: High Highs “Cascades”

By Ben Montemayor

Later the evening spreads out against / against the sky

The sun is drifting behind the mountains again. The blinds shudder from a draft of wind and delicate rays of light shimmer on the floor. There’s a sense of yearning in the room; an inaudible plea for answers to questions left unarticulated. It’s a feeling one should be weary of because ultimately it descends into melancholy. It’s riding along the walls of my apartment now, finding its way into the darkest corners. You can hear it in the driving bass line and the fervent guitar chords. There’s a haunting quality to the voice. It beckons me in further to its epicenter, promising something more. Its verses are delivered effortlessly and plainly, transporting me to a cliff top at twilight. The voice echoes out into the canyons below as the track roars fully to life.

Stay with me / Ocean to city

The Australian dream pop duo High Highs (Oli Chang and Jack Milas) somehow stayed off my radar until earlier this year. They have an uncanny knack for encapsulating potent amounts of desire, longing, and melancholy in songs that are easy to get lost in; their soundscapes feel vast and expansive. Their hooks are also just really enjoyable to listen to and I’m not the only one who thinks so. They’ve toured with the likes of Vampire Weekend, How to Dress Well, and Empire of the Sun. Their sophomore LP Cascades soundtracked many of my editing and writing sessions this year. Go ahead, give them a listen.

Ben is one of Hullabaloo’s first contributors. He enjoys electronic music, corgis, and capturing life’s more ephemeral moments through the lens of his camera. He posted a series of his 20 most played songs of 2016 on Medium earlier this year along with accompanying photos for each track and we were so enchanted that we had to share them with you. Look out for the next 19 in the coming weeks.


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