TUNES // B.Miles – Running

Eyes creaking open, I jolt upright. It was one of those dreams that’s all encompassing – it saps you dry and when you wake up you have to loosen your grip on the belief that it actually happened.

Dream: Oh no, it definitely happened! Don’t you remember how real it felt?

Me: Yeah, but now I’m lucid so you must be wrong.

Dream: Hey, how about those residual feelings though?

Me: Yeah thanks! I love second guessing reality throughout the day. See you again tonight!

Ok, now I’m awake and with coffee flooding into my system the haze begins to clear.

I want you to see me, to need me 

“Running” feels like a gradual ascent into positivity despite mentally deterring factors. It’s a transition from contemplation to movement and motivation, an optimistic flip of a coin that hasn’t landed yet. It’s an early morning rush of caffeine intent on finding solutions rather than being bogged down by problems. B.Miles delivers unsullied catchy electro-pop with producers Noise Club and Matias Quarleri at the helm. My eyebrows are eagerly poised with curiosity for what Miles and co-songwriter Eric Nizgretsky have in store for us with a self-titled EP dropping on March 17.


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