TUNES // Shy Girls – Trivial Motion

Words by Ben Montemayor

The low-end synth percussion of “Trivial Motion” hits like it would feel to be soaring toward downtown Los Angeles on a clear night. With the elegance of tastefully captured aerial photography, it warrants a subtle drop of the jaw. It would come as no surprise if Ryan Gosling, smoldering in his ’73 Chevy Malibu, cruised by on the highway as you were encircling a shimmering cluster of skyscrapers.


Shy Girls‘ Dan Vidmar doesn’t just craft a sexy and sleek tune worthy of the most ruminative of night drives; he cultivates some brutally poignant questions. With an irresistibly lush voice, he unwraps a tumultuous sense of self-discovery indicative of the many status centric narratives we inhabit. What happens when we finally spend all our energy and have nowhere else to run? What if the person we want people to think we are isn’t actually attainable? When it’s just the ocean and us, will everything we’ve amassed in the process have been worth all that sycophantic hoop jumping? Oh, and when was the last time any of us heard the word “pyre” uttered so coolly in a song?

Shy Girls’ (songwriter/producer/vocalist Dan Vidmar) debut album, Salt, is officially out on January 20th via Hit City, (preorder here) but you can already stream it on major platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Shy Girls kicks off a new tour on January 24th and will be performing at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles on January 28th. You can find tickets here.


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