TUNES // JW Ridley – Everything (Deathless) Pt. 1

Last night I walked to Trader Joes at 9pm because I was out of bourbon and kale, the only two groceries whose absence plunge my apartment into immediate and utter cosmic uncertainty.

When I got back home, major crisis of the week narrowly averted, I took off my pants and found my warmest, cleanest socks. I answered some emails. I got kinda drunk. Put on another pair of socks. Put a record on. Realized I’d forgotten to put the kale away but did not actually get up to put it away, a practiced lapse of judgement that I would regret in the morning.

A little after 2 in the morning sleep still proved evasive, so I cleaned and rearranged my record collection while listening to this song.


I brushed the dust off of a copy of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Chronicles and I thought about my first boyfriend, Jake, and the shitty burned CCR CD he gave me in high school. He’s married now, and lives in a stupidly idyllic house in the woods outside the town where we grew up. He’s having a daughter in February.

Sometimes I feel really free, and sometimes I feel really alone, but I can’t always really tell which is which, you know?


JW Ridley is the exciting new solo project of London-based Jack Ridley  – an art school graduate turned bedroom artist who cites John Maus, Captured Tracks as well as The Cure as influences.

He calls his music, “the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

The full 8min version of “Everything (Deathless)” will be released on Feb 10 on Speedy Wunderground (preorder vinyl 7″ here). Until then, I’ll be listening to Part 1 on repeat.


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