TUNES // Micky – Candid

If my life was a movie, this would be the song that comes on during the dance montage part. Not necessarily the sexy dance montage part (let’s be honest, my life movie probably doesn’t have one of those) but like the part where I’m in my kitchen in socks making pancakes and this song comes on the radio and all of a sudden I break into spontaneous and endearingly awkward moves á la Taylor Swift, or a baby giraffe.

Micky (f.k.a. Michael Persall) blends his love of motown, R&B, and 60s rock ‘n’ roll to create some seriously infectious retro pop gems. Just try not to move.

Fun fact: last year, Persall made a new year’s resolution to play 400 shows in 2016, a goal he exceeded by 8 shows. “Candid” has the kind of raw confidence that can only be earned from thousands of hours sweating and grooving on countless stages across the country.


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