TUNES // Hideout – I Got Your Message

I saw this quote recently from John Peel, the legendary BBC 1 DJ:

“Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, ‘Listen, mate, life has surface noise.'”

It’s one of those very Instagram-y things that probably doesn’t have nearly as much profundity as I’m ascribing to it, and yet it keeps coming back to me, like some kind of smug, hipster zen koan.

#Deep or not, it might help explain why I am so drawn to lo-fi indie pop. The kind of music that demands the genuine hiss of magnetic tape – nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

Hideout is Gabriel Rodriguez, who’s also a longtime member of indie-pop band Cults. New album ‘So Many Hoops/So Little Time’ will be released on Feb 3rd via Small Plates


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