TUNES // Von Sell – Ivan (Revisited)

So it’s a new year I guess. I don’t really get into the whole resolutions thing, but I remembered this morning that I did make a list last year around this time, and so in between rewatching clips of Mariah Carey’s fantastically apropos sign off to 2016, I dug it up. A few items:

Fix bicycle.

Follow through w creative endeavors.

Stop using social media for validation. Don’t just say you’ve stopped doing it. Actually stop.

Be on time for shit. Just do it. 

Sleep more.

Drink less.

Dance classes?

And my favorite:

Love self. No excuses.

One reason I don’t love making new years resolution lists is that they provide an itemized record of the Hegelian nature of personal growth. My 2017 resolutions, were I to write them out, would look a lot like last year’s, including the one about the broken bicycle. For that matter, they’d look a lot like the year’s before that, and, in all likelihood, next year’s.

Because time is an endlessly cyclical but very, very finite series of sisyphean self help projects and mistakes repeated ad infinitum but in a slightly different order this time, peppered with small, hard won victories which are countered by an equal number of totally predictable and very avoidable defeats (plus the fun few that you never even saw coming).

So anyway yes, I feel really optimistic about 2017.

There is a more positive way to look at the things that never really go away for good, though. For instance, the ’80s. Von Sell is a Brooklyn synthophile who’s proving, against all odds, that there’s still some room in the crowded tomb of 1985 for surprises.

His “revisited” version of 2016 single, Ivan, is one such surprise. It stops me in my tracks the way Roosevelt did with his breakout singles. Buy or stream the impressive self-titled EP here.

Happy 2017 y’all ❤


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