TUNES // Bent Shapes – Realization Hits

This song pokes at a very specific and tender place in my music memory:

It’s the fall of 2007. I’m coming off a fabulous high school summer arts camp for film geeks and gloomy musicians and pretentious photography kids, but now it’s time to go back to real life where being creative means joining the decorating committee for the Homecoming dance. All I can do is listen to is Ben Folds Five and Ted Leo and Brendan Benson and all the indie rockers whose unfiltered angst is matched only by the absolutely relentless sonic denial of misery in their melodies.

It’s this nerve that Boston-based Bent Shapes hits flawlessly every time. Take the lyric from “New Starts In Old Dominion”, also from 2016’s Wolves Of Want: “I am always always here to listen / or at least that’s my ambition / I am by my own admission / terrible at this shit.” 

It’s fun and biting and never boring.

Buy Bent Shapes’ music here.


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