TUNES // 6LACK – Ex Calling

I came across Atlanta rapper / producer 6LACK when Raury reposted “PRBLMS” on Soundcloud a couple weeks back. Upon hearing the chilly, caustic flow and 6LACK’s eerily expressive monotone, I felt the thrill of early discovery. There’s a special smugness about hearing something really good for the first time and getting to sit on a quiet bandwagon before all the other, less cool riff-raff jump on.

Unfortunately for my ego, when I found 6LACK on Soundcloud I saw that the songs already had millions of streams. So much for early discovery. And though I admit to remaining more than a little puzzled as to how something so good slipped past my radar for so long, I’m glad to share it now in the hopes that it’ll reach someone out there who’s been similarly deprived.


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