SHOWS // Fatal Jamz, Holy Shit, Ablebody @ The Echo

Photos and words // Misha Scott

Real quick, is it me or have hipsters been getting more… hipstery? Like, when I arrived at The Echo Friday night, I counted three (3) separate people with raccoon tail hats. I mean, I’m as much for a revival of Davy Crockett chic as the next person, but that seems excessive, right? Then again, I was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of a vagina on it, so maybe I should leave my judgements at the door. Anyway.

The occasion was the third night of Fatal Jamz’ November Monday night residency. The gender bent 80s glam headliners were preceded by two LA local bands, all on Lolipop Records.



First up was Ablebody, the charming vintage pop four-piece who enchanted us with their full-length debut earlier this year. Their live show did not disappoint, with plenty of fuzzy, inviting guitar to warm up the uncharacteristically chilly LA night. A drum machine played alongside drummer Daniel Rosenbaum as a fun, smirky nod to their yesteryear influences.

The quick set (which frontman Christoph Hochheim was kind enough to write out for me after the show) included plenty of gems from the album – “Backseat Heart” and “One Dime A Day” were standouts. And though the show was unfortunately cut short by a scheduling miscommunication, it was a satisfying and promising glimpse into what the band has in store for us.

Fun fact: Hochheim says this fun song featuring Sean Nicholas Savage is his fave from the album:

Buy music here.

Holy Shit


Holy Shit played next, featuring the talents of the ubiquitous Ariel Pink. Sporting a hat that appeared to have been borrowed from a Sherlock Holmes costume, the LA music scene veteran brought the night’s weird factor up several notches. He frequently disappeared from view to play an electric autoharp on the floor and dedicated the song “European Female” to Melania Trump. The set showcased the band’s stylistic range, moving easily from the lo-fi DIY sound Pink is most known for to nuanced electronic compositions and harmonies that ventured into the realm of folk.

Buy music here.

Fatal Jamz


Around 11pm, Fatal Jamz made their entrance. Until about 12 hours previous, I’d known nothing about the wonderfully bizarre LA group, but after seeing their IG flier for the event involving a mesh top, hoop earrings, and hairy armpits, my expectations were pretty high.

Marion Belle (Fatal Jamz’ “Coverboy,” if you will) took the stage wearing a yellow rain poncho, wide-brimmed cowboy hat, sunglasses, and dark black lipstick. It’s an accomplishment in and of itself to be the biggest freak in the room in Echo Park, and Belle wore the honor with grace and swagger.

The set ran through highlights from Fatal Jamz newly released LP, Coverboy, as well as cuts off previous releases such as “17 And Hung” and “Cradle To Grave.” The stage was crowded with a nine piece band that included three backup singers and a lot of glam. As Monday night neared Tuesday morning, the hyper-cool crowd lost all pretense of caring how cool they looked and danced along with abandon.

Tomorrow is Fatal Jamz’ last Monday night residency at The Echo. They play with Part Time, James Ferraro, and Cullen Omori. Doors at 8:30. DO NOT miss.

Buy music here.


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