HULLABALOO // I ate cheese pizza with Abbi and Ilana from Broad City (kind of)

Guys. This past week I met two of my creative idols. Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana hosted a meet and greet for the show’s newly released soundtrack at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. Highlights from the night included finding the largest cheese pizza I’ve ever seen on top of a Xerox machine and taking a slice (OK, two slices. OK it was three), consuming a lot of free macaroons and white wine, and explaining to A&I how my BFF’s contact photo in my phone is a screenshot from Ilana’s Season 2 masturbation scene (they laughed, possibly uncomfortably). It was a very Broad-City-approved night.


Matt FX, Broad City’s music supervisor, spinning all the jamz.


Spotted: a couple of kweens taking a casual selfie.


Box’s structural integrity compromised by the sheer amount of cheese inside.


Really diving into the whole BFF / masturbation scene screenshot contact photo situation. Ilana understandably unsure how to respond. She ends up complimenting my undercut, which is really the best outcome I could have hoped for.


(^^ just in case anyone was wondering)



The Ilana to my Abbi couldn’t be with me to meet our role models, but the real A&I were big fans of our friendship. Also, Hullabaloo is EVERYTHING, obv.

Buy the Broad City soundtrack on iTunes or nab the super hip yellow vinyl here.


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