TUNES // Jarina De Marco – Tigre

The Broad City soundtrack, out today via Milan / Comedy Central, is like a teleportation device to the magical universe Abbi and Ilana created in their iconic hit show. Alternatingly fun, gritty, quirky, and powerfully fem-centric, this curation is an affirmation of everything that makes Broad City simultaneously important and wildly entertaining.

Fans might recognize Tigre’s snappy beat from its appearance in S3 E3 (the one where Ilana gets to manage her company’s Twitter account for a few hours, gets fired for tweeting bestiality porn). Now the infectious tune is officially released for the first time and it’s instant Friday night classic. “Tigre” is a little reminiscent of M.I.A., with the world-music background of Brazilian / Dominican De Marco colliding gloriously with her aggressively modern beats.

Anyway. It’s Friday night. Get off the Internet and go make Abbi and Ilana proud.

Buy the soundtrack here.


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