TUNES // Run The Jewels – Talk To Me

Run The Jewels have been active in the political sphere this election cycle, most notably with Killer Mike famously supporting Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. But in the present climate of fear and uncertainty, the time feels ripe for the politically charged duo to break their musical silence with some ferocious social commentary. In brand new single, “Talk To Me”, they do not disappoint.

Menacing synths set the stage for the fierce tune. By the time the booming drop hit, I was smiling uncontrollably. RTJ3, motherfuckers.

However, behind the grin-inducing production, this is a  dead-serious track. Killer Mike takes stabs at everything from Donald Trump, the TSA, the war on drugs, “All Lives Matter,” and, of course, the experience of being black in America. The gravity of the situation is belied in a poetic sample in the heart of the track: “This is spiritual warfare that you have been dealing with…This is a fight against principalities and evildoers and unclean spirits.”  This track plays like a rallying cry – it’s a fight we have to win.


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