EP // Pigarette – Poinsettia

As Fall descends in Los Angeles I find myself waking up earlier and earlier, trying to capture the few moments of crisp October air we get each morning before the sun comes out to transform this city back into an arid, season-less strip mall. I really love these cozy, bleary-eyed mornings. The soundtrack to this one was provided by Pigarette, and it could not have been more perfect.


Pigarette released one of my favorite EPs earlier this year, a laidback, jazzy affair featuring the digital stylings of Antonio Mendez (aka Linsdsay Lowend) and the dizzying skill of Beau Diakowicz on guitar. Now Pigarette are back with their first new material since the Anapola EP.

The uptempo title track, “Poinsettia,” sees the duo at their jazziest yet, moving effortlessly between rhythms to create a lovely and genuinely unexpected jam. It’s followed by “Traps”, a lovely and loungy tune featuring the soothing vocals of Merryn Jeann. “Redline” and “Transit” showcase the talents of producer Antonio Mendez with ultra-modern Radiohead and dubstep influenced beats tempered by the laidback vintage guitar groove that defines Pigarette’s sound.

Favorite tracks: Poinsettia, Transit, Bodø

Buy the EP on Bandcamp.


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