It feels rather appropriate to post NVDES‘ brand new single early in the morning, and not just because it’s called 8AM – this tune will wake you the f*k up.

After fun singles Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor and The Other Side, 8AM sees the eccentric Los Angeles electronic post-punk outfit going in new and ever-stranger directions. A chaotic bed of distortion and rapid-fire storytelling involving something about an Uber ride in downtown LA give way to a dubstep flavored build, only to crash headfirst a moment later into crunchy electric guitars. At one point, I thought I heard a cowbell in there.

As always, NVDES shows an incredible knack for turning a bunch of things that shouldn’t work together at all into a propulsive and catchy tune.

Look for NVDES debut EP, Life With Lobsters out Nov. 18th. Preorder here. LA peeps – don’t miss the upcoming show at The Roxy on November 14th. Tickets here.


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