HULLABALOO // El Vy And Hullabaloo Say Please For The Love Of God Vote

In light of the terrifying political nightmare we seem increasingly unlikely to wake up from, El Vy (a project of Matt Berninger of The National and Brent Knopf of Menomena and Ramona Falls) has released a song for 30 Days 30 Songs, a project dedicated to getting the word out about the vital importance of voting this November while getting us through these horrifying times with good music. Death Cab For Cutie, Aimee Mann, R.E.M., Franz Ferdinand, and others are also involved. The Washington Post calls it, “a playlist of songs Donald Trump will hate.”

El Vy’s contribution to the project is a song about walrus penis jewelry (it’s a real thing; see below) and a video game where, for the 3 minute 35 second duration of the song, you can shoot slabs of meat, birds, apple pies, elephants, and various other things that make varying degrees of sense. Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln weeps.

Here’s what El Vy have to say about the whole thing:

“This is a song about walrus penis jewelry, which is a real thing. My sister, Rachel, was given some by a Canadian bush pilot when she worked for Alaska Airlines in the ’90s. With regard to the game, we called our colleagues, Sodman and Solimine, and said, ‘We’d like a cathartic interactive experience. We’d also like to shoot bluebirds and meat with a sniff blaster.’ They asked us, ‘What for?’ Somebody said, ‘It’s time to start healing.'”

You can try to beat Matt’s score yourself at the 30 Days 30 Songs website, where you can also find voter registration links as well as helpful notes to “supporters of Bernie Sanders,” “environmentalists,” “feminists who can’t get behind Hillary,” and other (arguably) misguided groups.

Visit the site. Tell your friends. When it all becomes too much, watch and re-watch this video of a dog in an airplane shooting hamburgers to a song about walrus penis jewelry (which may or may not actually be a thing). Remember, in the coming weeks this song might just be the most sane thing left on the Internet.

P.S. For the love of God please vote.

P.P.S. Not for Trump.


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