EP // Lunacre – Schtum

The Schtum EP from UK five-piece Lunacre plays like the soundtrack to a dream.

I fell in love with Schtum’s lovely and delicate title single earlier this month and this EP expands on the whimsical promise of that tune. (Re)cycle and Sleeptalk play in a folksy digital soundscape not too far from Bibio or Doves. Meanwhile, songs like “Occam’s Razor” pick up the tempo, with a jazzy saxophone riff rounding out the tune’s noirish playfulness.

Throughout the EP, Lunacre never stray far from the hazy surrealism that made Schtum (the single) so compelling. The songs have a haunting urgency to them, like the moment right after waking – when you try to hold on to the world created in sleep before it slips away.

The Schtum EP was born out of a time of transition for Lunacre. Last year, the band released their first EP, Troupe, and then lost their guitarist, Sam Johnstone. Following Johnstone’s departure, the group was on hiatus for a time and they took the opportunity to explore new instruments, styles, and genres. By the time they came back together to record a new EP – this time with new guitarist Scott Nelson – their sound had evolved tremendously. The group seems to have fully embraced their off-kilter eclecticism on Schtum, and it’s a very good look for them.

Buy or stream the EP here. Catch Lunacre’s tour dates here.



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