TUNES // dvsn – Keep The Faith (Faithful Extended Remix)

“I need you to come / And until you do babe, don’t you leave. It ain’t about me no more”

OK two things up front:

  1. Let’s just for the sake of the exercise contrast this with the messaging in the Views original: “I wanna watch you do work while I sit back.” Lol. (Not that Drake’s version isn’t great in its own right, but still. It sort of feels like there’s a point being made here.)
  2. Full disclosure I’m so hot and bothered for this that it’s physically difficult to type right now.

In all seriousness, it is quite interesting how dvsn have aligned themselves with the pleasure-centric R&B movement. The theme is prevalent throughout their body of work, but in this remix, they’re yelling it from the rooftop. Notably, Drake only comes into the track to deliver Faithful’s ultra-respectful hook:

Working, working, working, working, ain’t ya?
You don’t have no time to lay up
You just trying to be somebody
‘Fore you say you need somebody
Get all your affairs in order
I won’t have affairs, I’m yours, girl
Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful

Keep The Faith is transformative and progressive. This is the song that would have been if we lived in an alternate universe where dvsn feat. Drake instead of the other way around. Which, don’t get me wrong, the Drake universe is great. But I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that if we could get a little more of whatever this is in the world, I wouldn’t be mad at it.


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