TUNES // Bibi Bourelly – Ballin

“I’m ballin’ ballin’. I’m so fuckin’ awesome. Vroom vroom yeah, that’s my Camry roarin’. Shit, think the engine light came on and now I gotta walk 15 miles to my apartment.”

Bibi Bourelly has a special gift for blurring the lines between self-confidence and self-deprecation, irony and empowerment. With writing credits all over the hip hop world (Usher and Rihanna, to note) and a day job at Old Navy evidently not too far in the rearview, she effortlessly bridges the space between boastful R&B songstress on the come up and scrappy 20-something just trying to get into a 20 dollar club with only $18 in her pocket.


Catch Bibi on tour in the coming months. For my LA locals, she has a Redbull Sound Select 30 Days In LA show coming up at the Bootleg Nov. 12 with Harriet Brown and Sur Ellz. Tickets and deets here.


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