TUNES // Nick Murphy – Fear Less

It’s too early to tell if Nick Murphy will ever not be Chet Faker. If anyone will ever talk about that new Nick Murphy track without first being like, “hey, did you hear the new Chet Fak–ugh *rolls eyes* – I mean, Nick Murphy?”

It’s also still a little too early to tell exactly why Chet Faker is now Nick Murphy. Or why Nick Murphy is no longer Chet Faker. Or exactly the shape and size of the space Murphy is trying to put between himself and the moniker that, rather ironically, made him a household name. Perhaps the new project will be more deeply personal and immediate. Perhaps Chet Faker had become a brand with all the expectations and obligations of a franchise. Maybe Nick Murphy is freedom.

Crises of identity aside, we can say with certainty that “Fear Less” is a dope track. It expands upon the space and urgency hinted at on Built On Glass, showcasing Murphy’s virtuoso both as a producer and a vocalist.

Stream here, via the enigmatic which is just a literally just a stream of this song.


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