TUNES // Ten Fé – Turn

“You say you need me, but I have a lot to learn / Maybe you’ll teach me, but I’ve run out of cheeks to turn”

Woozy guitars and a world-worn voice tell a story that doesn’t get any less sad no matter how catchy the chorus is. Two people turning their backs on each other, on a love that has morphed into the stuff of nightmares.

Ten Fé blend Americana, soul, and heady, 80s flavored electronics, aided by the influence of producer Ewan Pearson (M83, Jagwar Ma, The Rapture). It’s a satisfying and often unexpected recipe, one that demands repeat listens and builds anticipation for the London two piece’s debut album, due in January 2017.



If you happen to be in Europe over the next couple of months, you can catch Ten Fé live:

23/09 Reepherbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany,

25/09 Dice Festival, Ultrect, Holland

30/09 LIDO Indie Kollektiv Party, Berlin, Germany,

01/10 Way Back When Festival, Dortmund, Germany,

08/10 Neighbourhood festival, Manchester, UK,

26/10 Rough Trade East, London, UK

17/11 Vega’s New Crush, Copenhagen, Denmark



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