TUNES // Dresses – Let Down


This song burst into my life this afternoon during a bit of a tough time for me. Its impeccably sunny disposition instantly put me in a better place; this tune is totally infectious. It wasn’t until the second or third listen that I really heard the bittersweet story underneath the fun guitar hooks and excellent chorus. Lyrics like, ”Never thought I’d end up like the people I tried to avoid / I could have sworn I’d be ignored before turning off my voice” reveal a darkness that somehow both contrasts and complements the sunniness of the melody. Let Down was written about mental illness and its affects on a relationship and the artists say they hope the song can help those dealing with mental illness find some positivity in a difficult situation.

Listen here.

These guys are new faves for me. They have an EP out soon and I am pretty excited to see what they do next.


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