New Things

Hello friends!

A few years back I watched Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk, The Art of Asking, on art and crowdsourcing (which you should absolutely see if you haven’t already) and became immensely inspired by her take on the symbiosis between fans and musicians. The idea is simple enough, (an artist offers their work to fans on a donation basis and the fans support said artist by giving what they can) but the obvious potential pitfalls of such an arrangement makes its practice an act of tremendous courage and generosity on the part of both parties, but especially the artists.

It was with this vision fresh in my mind that I started Hullabaloo. I wanted to create a place to highlight the artists who put themselves out there in such a vulnerable place in the hopes that any small exposure created from my blog would help connect them to fans who, though they might initially download a track and walk away, would come back to financially support the artist’s future. I can only hope that the blog succeeded in doing this, even if it was on a very small scale.

But of course there is a truly incredible amount of music out there, and by focusing on only what is offered free or pay what you want I keep a large amount of it off-limits to the blog. Recently I have been focusing on expanding Hullabaloo, and I think this also means expanding the scope of my posts.

From now on I will be posting not only music offered on a donation basis, but anything and everything that moves me. Also album reviews and features, mixes, and other fun things.

I will always have a special place in my heart for those artists who choose to give their music away, and those fans who make it financially possible for them to do so. I will continue to highlight such artists on the blog while moving Hullabaloo into a broader space.

Thank you for following – I hope you enjoy the new posts! And please tell all your friends about the blog!


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