Slow Down – Lisa Hamilton

It’s been rainy in LA the last few days, a rare treat. I’ve been celebrating by expanding my collection of sultry jazz tunes. Slow Down, from Los Angeles pianist and composer Lisa Hilton, could not be more perfect for the occasion. Alternately lilting and cascading, the piano melody pours out like water slipping from leaves in a storm. Simply captivating.

Hilton offers seven or eight tracks for free on her website, all of which are superb, but Slow Down is my favorite. I couldn’t find links to stream the songs, but do yourself an end-of-the-weekend favor and go check them out. Sit down, close your eyes, imagine the sound of rain outside… slow down. (Though, if any Angelinos are reading this – please, for the love of God, do not interpret it to mean “drive 30 on the freeway.” It does not mean that.)


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